Humility and meekness

The spirit of meekness

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Introductory Note: This Parchment post is a summary of my notes from a message preached by Pastor Favour Abodunrin at Living Faith Church, Felele, Ibadan on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

We’ll continue discussions on our prophetic focus for the month of October, Empowered by the Spirit to Fulfil Destiny.

Christianity is a burden without the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, life is colourless; it is without form and void. The Holy Spirit is the one that makes life colourful for every believer. His mission is to carry all the luggage you are carrying now. He empowers you to live the Christian life.

In this service we’ll be looking at the Holy Spirit as the spirit of meekness. Meekness is very important to God (1Peter 3:4). God has reserved the earth for the meek (Matthew 5:5).

The Holy Spirit is the one that makes life colourful. Without Him life is without form and void. Click To Tweet

What does it mean to be meek?

1. To be meek is to be teachable. You don’t conduct yourself as if you know it all. When you think you know all then you don’t know anything at all. That’s what the Bible says in 1Corinthians 8:2. The best way to know more is to be meek. Keep what you know and aspire to know more.

2. To be meek is to be correctable. If no one can correct you, destruction is near. If you’re not under authority you are on your way to destruction. Every man and woman must put himself/herself under authority. Self must give way for meekness to have its way in your life.

We live in a world where people have humble looks but are arrogant in their hearts. Don’t underrate or maltreat anybody. The people you maltreat today may be the ones that God will use to lift you tomorrow. Embrace humility and meekness. Humility and meekness are in the same class. They qualify you for God’s promotion (Philippians 2:7-9). No meekness, no promotion.

Self must give way for meekness to have its way in your life. -Pst Favour Abodunrin Click To Tweet

Why do you need meekness?

1. You need meekness to avoid destruction. Proverbs 16:18

2. In the sight of God meekness is of great price. 1Peter 3:4

3. God does not want the proud around Him. 1Peter 5:5

4. The meeker you are the greater you become. Deuteronomy 34:10

5. Revelation which makes for revolution belongs to the meek. Revolution is a forceful change of story. God showed Moses how He created the heavens and the earth because Moses was meek (Numbers 12:3). He wrote five books of the Bible by revelation. Till today, Moses remains one of the greatest prophets that ever lived.

Covenant Day of Restoration

Restoration is the process of bringing something back to its original state. Here are covenant keys to unlock divine restoration:

1. Redemption. Return to God with all your heart (Job 22:23, John 1:12). Until you return to God it is never your turn for a change of story.

2. Empowerment. You need personal empowerment for total restoration. You can’t continue to live a borrowed life; you need personal empowerment for sustainable achievement. You need power to secure restoration (Luke 11:21-22). You must become stronger than the strong to enjoy restoration. Until you become stronger than the enemy keeping your inheritance in his custody you cannot enjoy lasting restoration. There is no power without a cost and in the school of power there is no graduation. You must keep pressing for more. Only God is “power-full” – that is, full of power – every believer only has power in a measure.

To receive personal empowerment you need spiritual investment in the word and prayer.

a. Word investment. Sit down with the Word instead of looking for man’s help. If God does not help you no one can help you. When you sit with the Word it makes you powerful (Hebrews 4:12, Hebrews 1:3).

b. Prayer and fasting. When you fast and pray it is to humble yourself before God and to keep yourself under subjection. Fasting does not change God, so you are not fasting for God. You’re not fasting for the devil either; the devil is a spirit, he doesn’t eat. You don’t need fasting to stop the devil, you only need spiritual understanding.

3. Prophetic ministry. Connecting to the prophetic grace at work in the church is an easy way to divine restoration.


The first step to enjoying divine restoration is returning to God through Jesus Christ. If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, or if you want to rededicate your life to Him, please pray this prayer: “Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve you always.”

PS: For further guidance on what it means to follow Christ, connect with us at Living Faith Church or join a community of Christ followers near you. You can also visit to get useful resources and connect with someone to guide you and pray with you.

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