How to fulfil your destiny

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God will not commit Himself to you until you commit yourself to His Word. The more you act in line with what God has said, the more you establish your position as a candidate of divine election. Every step that you take in line with your commitment to God’s Word brings you closer to fulfilling your destiny. Consequently, the easiest and surest way to succeed in any area of life is locating the prophetic Word about that area and keying in to it.

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God’s will for your life is encoded in His Word; and the manifestation of that encoded will is contingent upon your alignment with His revealed will – the divinely inspired Scriptures (2Timothy 3:16-17). You will only receive your specific road map for life and destiny as you consciously seek to understand the whole purpose, plan and counsel of God as expressed in the written Word (Acts 20:27, Hebrews 10:7). Let the Holy Spirit paint your destiny on the canvas of His Word.

One Bible figure whose life illustrates these truths is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Although God had revealed that the Messiah would be brought forth through a virgin, he concealed the fact that it was going to be a virgin who was engaged to be married. However, He had made it known in the beginning that He desired the union of man and woman for the full manifestation of His purposes on earth. Consequently, the Messiah would need to be nurtured within the context of a godly family even though he would be conceived without human aid.

By getting engaged to Joseph, Mary was acting in line with this general revelation about God’s desire to raise families for the fulfilment of His purposes on earth; and by so doing, she set herself up as an eligible candidate to bear the Holy seed thereby stepping into her prophetic destiny. Thus, Mary became the mother of Jesus not only because she was a virgin but also because she and Joseph were engaged to be married.

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The only way to guarantee that you will fulfil your destiny in full is by living out God’s Word in full (Joshua 1:8). To fulfil your marital destiny, find out what God has said about marriage and consciously live it out. To fulfil your financial destiny, find out what God has said about finances and consciously live it out. To fulfil God’s destiny for your business/career, search out God’s Word as it concerns business/career and consciously live it out. You can do the same for your health, social life, ministry and every other aspect of life.

You cannot fulfil destiny in one day; but you can fulfil destiny on a daily basis. You have a glorious destiny; and I see you fulfilling it as you consciously and consistently align yourself with the truth of God’s Word whilst living it out by the power of the Holy Spirit. Remember, it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the honour of kings to search it out. Search out what God has said concerning you; believe it, confess it, meditate on it and consistently act in line with it. This is how to fulfil your destiny on a daily basis.

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