Who is Philip Amiola?

I am a content manager, development journalist and educator entrepreneur. And this is my personal blog. Although primarily trained as a life scientist, my penchant for personal development and self mastery has led me to acquire skills in content development, digital publishing, web design and social media engagement.

Consequent upon my firm belief in the power of words as a force for creative change, I have authored two books: Order Your Life and Portals of Destiny. Both books are available in electronic and print formats on Smashwords and Amazon.

I am also an avid reader who enjoys teaching and travelling. My passion for mitigating helplessness in every ramification creates an ambience of peace and possibilities around me as I seek opportunities to help others succeed.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and young professionals take charge of their lives by mastering their art and profiting from purpose so that they can find fulfilmentmargin and financial freedom. If you desire growth in any way, this blog is for you. I encourage you to keep in touch by entering your email in the subscription form.

What Others are Saying

Philip is a self-motivated young man, with proven leadership skills and altruistic mindset. He is also enamoured with an uncanny sense of responsibility, which makes him take ownership of process for results and collective objectives. -Babatunde Oladele // Chief Responsibility Officer, TRW Consult

Throughout my prolonged friendship with Philip, I have always been impressed with his resolve, enthusiasm and ambition. Philip has never been afraid to dream, always being acutely aware of his background. –Faith Abiodun // Director, International Relations Council, African leadership Academy, Author and Conference Speaker

I enjoy your wise words. It is evident that God is in you and you are rooted in Him! -Kimberly Curtis // Teacher

Your work is a mindset shift in the canvas of our national development. Thank you and keep your virtuous energy sparkling.  – Damilola Fasoranti // Author, Social Entrepreneur and Personal Growth Strategist

Wow! You are indeed a writer’s dream! You blew my mind with your exceptional skill. -Bayo Olaiya // Pastor, Author and Business Consultant.

Oh… Now I see what you are driving at. I don’t like to forget that you are a God-made teacher! –Michael Adegbenro // Scientist and Researcher, Business Coach

Thanks for the job well done. I have received the reviewed version and read it. I am really impressed with the work sir. –Tunde Awoyele // Relationship and Family Life Coach

Philip Amiola is a dynamic young man with passion for excellence. He exudes maturity, commitment and works well in a team. His leadership quality is as warming as his loyalty to leadership.Olusola John // Author and public speaker

Keep in Touch

I hope this blog empowers, exhorts and equips you to grow and live life to the fullest. If it does, comment on the post or send me an email. I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


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My goal is to help entrepreneurs and young professionals take charge of their lives by mastering their art and profiting from purpose so that they can find fulfilment, margin and financial freedom. Does any of that sound like something you desire? Enter your first name and email below and let's grow together.