More brains, less muscle.

“Don’t strive to be known, revered or celebrated. Simply mind your business and diligently run your race even if no one will ever applaud or celebrate your efforts. This is not arrogance or complacency; it is enlightenment and contentment.”

About Me

I am a teacher, business thinker, writer and digital solutions consultant. Although primarily trained as a life scientist, my penchant for personal development and self-mastery has led me to acquire skills in business strategy, journalism, corporate communication and digital publishing.

My strong belief in the power of words as a force for creative change has seen me author a few books including Order Your Life, Tweet and Grow Rich, Portals of Destiny, Sunlight at Dawn and The Minimalist Guide to Social Media Marketing.

I enjoy simplifying complex processes and devising alternative pathways that remove red tape while enhancing creativity and productivity. This mindset leads me to deliberately challenge conventional assumptions, displacing them with practical intelligence and empirical wisdom.

Toyin Obafemi

"Philip took me by the hand on an adventure into the digital world: professional web design, digital publishing, among others. He went all the way to make sure I got value each time."

Naomi Manuel

"I have listened to and watched the videobook twice today already. It's so deep and such a blessing, I am sharing already. Thank you so much."

Williams Oladele

"As a result of our association, I've been blessed in many aspects – financially, spiritually and intellectually. I can boldly say that I have experienced both qualitative and quantitative growth.”

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