This website exists to help entrepreneurs and young professionals take charge of their lives. I want to equip you with principles, tools and resources that will help you master your art and profit from purpose. I believe that  through our interactions, we'll find fulfilment, create more margin in our lives and achieve financial freedom. I invite you to join me on this journey of personal development and spiritual growth.


I am an experienced content manager, budding development journalist and certified social media professional – with a predilection for Twitter. My firm belief in the power of words as a force for creative change has seen me author two books: Order Your Life and Portals of Destiny. Both books are available in electronic and print formats on Smashwords and Amazon.


I enjoy giving wings to words as I harness the power of the internet to spark off revolutionary ideas, build communities and inspire positive change. I am skilled in blogging, eBook creation, digital publishing, WordPress website development and social media engagement.


Having had a remarkable experience with the twin monsters of failure and poverty, my psyche had been passively reconfigured to take the backseat in life. My transformation began when I discovered that in-formation determines out-formation. That means who you are on the inside determines what you manifest on the outside. If you want new experiences, don’t focus on creating those experiences; rather, focus on creating a new you.

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