Supernatural wisdom

The endowment of supernatural wisdom

This Parchment post is from a message by Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2017. Shiloh is an annual prophetic convocation of the Living Faith Church worldwide. You can find other Shiloh messages here.

Every time you catch a picture of yourself from the pages of the mirror of the word your confidence is aroused. My prayer today is, you have seen a few things, you will yet see more things. Revelation stirs faith. You don’t doubt what you see. That’s where the confidence of faith-fired men lies. They see. So they are absolutely convinced of the realities of the things they see. In the name of Jesus every word you receive here and in your personal encounters will return as testimonies because God is committed to confirming the word that you believe and receive. You are ordained to live a new dawn life with your path shining brighter and brighter. You never suffer a setback again.

We’ll keep on reminding ourselves that by redemption we have a new dawn heritage in Christ. (2Corinthians 5:17). We are baptised to walk in the newness of life. (Romans 6:4), redeemed to enjoy new things without ceasing. That’s why we’re in a kingdom where He makes all things new. (Revelation 21:5) The path of the justified is ordained to be as a shining light that shines more and more until the perfect day (Proverbs 4:18) and the perfect day is the day Jesus returns because when the perfect comes the imperfect disappears. (1Corinthians 13:10) So we are redeemed to enjoy new dawn as a lifestyle because we have been freely justified by His blood. (Romans 3:24) We are ordained to enjoy newness of life not once a while. (Psalm 65:11, Revelation 22:2, Lamentations 3:22-23, Psalm 23:6) but on a continuous basis

One day in 1982 I was visited with Proverbs 4:18. Ever since, I have not experienced setback for one day. The word you believe and receive you’re empowered to become. One billion devils cannot make my life dim because the devil operates in the region of darkness. I operate in the region of light. Darkness cannot be my obstacle. I’m the obstacle of darkness. And that’s who you are too because we are now children of Light and like begets like. (1John 1:5, 1Thessalonians 5:5). Darkness will only be scared by light not darkness scaring light. You must get to a point where the devil knows you can destroy him. It’s an eyesore to see darkness pursuing light.

You can't learn supernatural wisdom, you can only receive it. It's an endowment of the Father God. -@DavidOyedepoMin Click To Tweet

I’ll be taking us on the force of supernatural wisdom and want to dwell on the fact that supernatural wisdom is an endowment. Now let me tell you how it is an endowment. “As for these four children God gave them wisdom and learning in all wisdom and skill. (Daniel 1:17, Daniel 1:20, Daniel 5:11) You can’t learn supernatural wisdom, you can only receive it. It’s an endowment of the Father God. How do you learn the uncovering of someone else’s dream? As a psychologist you can try your hands on how to interpret it and they’re all probabilities but to uncover the dream of someone that he himself has forgotten?(Daniel 1:20) It’s an endowment. The secret things belong to God. (Deuteronomy 29:29, Daniel 5:11).

Don’t answer your questions and say that God has answered. If you answer yourself you back up yourself. Anybody that will continue to flow in wisdom must maintain a healthy, committed and determined prayer altar.

He said ” Covet earnestly the best gifts. (1Corinthians 12:31) So it’s covetable. You don’t wait for God to make you allocation, you make demands if you’re interested. God gave Solomon an exclamatory dimension of wisdom that made him a juggernaut. (1Kings 4:29-34) Joshua was full of the spirit of wisdom. (Deuteronomy 34:9) It’s an endowment. Don’t ever think Paul operated in the realm he operated in because he was a lawyer. No! 2Peter 3:15 shows us the secret of the supernatural wisdom that operated in him. It was given to him. (2Corinthians 15:9) It’s a given grace, not an acquired skill. And this man became the principal channel to communicate the wisdom of God. The Bible is the wisdom of God in print and one man who was not there with Jesus delivered two-thirds of the New Testament. Can you preach a full gospel without Paul? He was God’s principal channel for communicating God’s wisdom but it was given to him.

Don’t think it’s because he was a lawyer. Don’t think things are happening here because I’m an architect. It’s supernatural wisdom that is at work. Supernatural wisdom is simply God’s wisdom in a mystery. The plan of the tabernacle was delivered to Moses who was not a builder or an architect. You are returning with your own gift of supernatural wisdom today! They called Joseph and said, “We have heard that you can interpret dreams” and he said it’s not in me, it’s an endowment.” (Genesis 41:16). And Pharaoh said “In as much as God has shown you all these…” (Genesis 41:39) He didn’t discover it, it was shown to him. I’d be stupid to think I crafted the founding philosophy of Covenant University. No, I took dictations. It didn’t go through any editorial processing, I didn’t craft it. You can’t imagine the ripple effects of those things. Most universities across the nation now believe in dress code, now can’t stand exam malpractice. Suddenly everyone now has a core value.

The endowment of supernatural wisdom facilitates solution to real life problems. -@DavidOyedepoMin Click To Tweet

The endowment is so real it facilitates solution to real life problems. See what God showed Joseph and how it rescued Egypt and the nations of those days from the devastation of famine. God showed him and they said there was no one as wise as him. Supernatural wisdom has natural impact. It is an endowment and accessible by everyone who desires it. If your heart is truly panting for an endowment of supernatural wisdom, receive it now in Jesus’ name!

Proofs or manifestations of supernatural wisdom

1. Access to the deep things of God. (1Corinthians 2:10) That endowment provided Daniel access to the deep things of God. (Daniel 2:19).

2. The command of impossible challenges. You are just in command by wisdom. God created all things. “In wisdom have you made them all.” So His wisdom is firmly in control of all that He creates. (Psalm 104:24, Proverbs 3:19) Whatever wisdom makes wisdom controls. One of the manifestations of supernatural wisdom is command of seemingly impossible situations, overturning the mountains by the root, dividing the fire for you to pass, cutting rivers for you to pass (Job 28:9-10), molesting destruction and death (Job 28:22) like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did. They molested death. God gave them wisdom so they were firmly in control of death. (Daniel 1:17, Daniel 3:27) Daniel came out without a scratch. Supernatural wisdom puts you in command of impossible things. (Mark 6:2)

No complainer, murmurer, depressed, disgruntled person can flow in divine wisdom. -@DavidOyedepoMin Click To Tweet

3. The spirit of wisdom confers surpassing intelligence. (Daniel 1:20) You can’t have this and be grounded in your academic pursuit or your industry. Access to the secrets of God made Job the greatest man in his days. (Job 29:4) You know what others can’t find with their rigorous study by simple access to divine secrets. Coming into full-time ministry, I didn’t need any dime. I had all that I would ever need in the Bible. It is surer than the vaults of central bank. With supernatural wisdom you’re just in command of what others are fidgeting about. When others are seeing trouble you’re seeing triumph. Where they’re seeing crisis you’re seeing peace that passes all understanding. Where they’re seeing retrogression you’re seeing advancement. You’re just seeing something else by reason of that endowment. (Job 28:7-28) In the name of Jesus, your portion of this as you truly desire it is delivered to you.

Some natural impacts of supernatural wisdom

I mentioned before that supernatural wisdom brings solutions to real life problems. Joseph brought solution to a real life problem. He knew what to do to avert the famine that was coming. Supernatural wisdom can shield you from oncoming problems. That wisdom rescued the destruction of all the wise man of Babylon. (Daniel 2:16-23) There are people here today, by this endowment God will rescue multitudes through you. We saw how the Lord gave Bezaleel wisdom in engineering and construction. (Exodus 31:3-4, Exodus 35:30)

It imparts supernatural skill. Michael Faraday was a lab attendant and he became the man of science of the nineteenth century. He became brighter than his professor. He was a lab attendant but a church man, a preacher, a lover of Jesus. He was filled with wisdom and knowledge in all sciences. It’s not just about interpreting dreams, it’s about divine expertise.

We saw it deliver excellent leadership in Daniel. I prayed and prayed and yearned for this, 26 solid months until Jesus said, “I won’t like you to go as others have gone. I will have hands laid on you after the order of Deuteronomy 34:9 and you shall be full of the spirit of wisdom.” It came to me in July and I’d been in it from May 1981 to July 1983. He answered me and delivered it to me live. We’ve never had a council meeting to solve problems. We discuss progress. This church has no crisis to manage. (Proverbs 3:17) Crisis ends in your environment, business and family today. You can’t operate this wisdom and be boxing yourselves as husband and wife. You just live above such things. Daniel was preferred because an excellent spirit of wisdom was in him. (Daniel 6:3) So it confers excellent leadership, no guesswork. You are just on key with the facts of life. Why am I saying all these? It’s to stir your holy desire to crave for this. There are things you never get to learn, you just have to receive from the source.

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Sustaining supernatural wisdom

Though it is an endowment but to maintain its flow you need to know how to service it.

1. The fear of the Lord must be sustained in the life of anyone that wants to sustain the flow of divine wisdom. Solomon could not sustain the flow because he could not maintain the fear of the Lord. Solomon loved the Lord and He endowed him with wisdom. Then Solomon loved many strange women and that virtue became vanity. (1Kings 3:3, 1Kings 11:1, Ecclesiastes 12:8). It takes the fear of God to access it because the secret of God is with them that fear Him and He will show them His covenant. (Psalm 25:14) And it takes the fear of God to sustain the flow. You can’t be playing games, shutting people down and cheating on people, changing books and changing papers and expect to maintain the flow. Daniel and Joesph sustained the fear of God and maintained the flow. And God is not a respecter of peesons. (Acts 10:34) You can receive the gift when it is released but will you commit yourself to sustaining the flow? We must sustain the fear of God in our lives to maintain the flow of this divine virtue.

The fear of the Lord must be sustained by anyone that wants to sustain the flow of divine wisdom. Solomon could not sustain the flow because he did not maintain the fear of the Lord. Solomon loved the Lord and He endowed him with wisdom. Then Solomon loved many strange women and that virtue became vanity.

2. This spirit must be kept alive by feeding on God’s word. A wise man shall hear and increase in learning. (Proverbs 1:5) He has been endowed but he will enlarge his capacity for the flow by learning. Daniel was endowed and Daniel said, “I Daniel understood by books.” (Daniel 9:2) He was in a fast for twenty-one days. The spirit of wisdom feeds on the word. Paul was given exceeding wisdom but in 2Timothy 4:13 we see him asking for his books and parchments. This endowment will require to be serviced by the word of the Lord. If you don’t service it, it will knock engine. David was said to be as as smart as an angel of God to know all things. (2Samuel 14:20) He knew about the details of Christ’s death and resurrection 500 years before. (Acts 2:30) He was a strange man and he got there by the word (Psalm 119:97). It takes the word to service any spiritual endowment. Otherwise it will die as if it was never there. Every sincere demand today will be delivered for a testimony. (Luke 11:13) But we must learn how to keep it.

3. Through prayers. Daniel was praying three times a day. (Daniel 6:10) David too used to pray three times a day. (Psalm 55:17) If any man lack wisdom let him ask. (James 1:5) Daniel was fasting for three weeks to maintain the flow on that particular subject. (Daniel 10:2-3). It’s not enough to buy a car you had better understand what it takes to keep it on the road. We must learn how to maintain every gift from God. Prayer is a requirement forever. Why are we still asking questions? There are things where we still don’t know which way to go. And wisdom is profitable to direct. So we are praying for wisdom to know the way to go. (Ecclesiastes 10:10) You don’t pray, you don’t know. Don’t answer your questions and say that God has answered. If you answer yourself you back up yourself. Anybody that will continue to flow in wisdom must maintain a healthy prayer altar, a committed and determined prayer altar.

It takes the word to service any spiritual endowment. Otherwise it will die as if it was never there. -@DavidOyedepoMin Click To Tweet

You see why many people cannot flow in this? They are just not ready for the demands of maintaining it. Someone came to me and said, “Tell me in a nutshell what it takes to succeed in ministry.” I said, “Nutshell? There are many knotty shells” If it’s only one shell I will be on vacation by now. There are many knotty shells that are daily demands, not about whether you are interested or not. You will never lose this one. You’re getting it now and you never lose it!

4. We maintain this flow by thanksgiving and praise. Let’s enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Then we access His presence where He shows us the path of life. (Psalm 16:11, Psalm 100:4, 2Kings 3:15) No complainer, murmurer, depressed, disgruntled person can flow in divine wisdom. You can’t. Joseph was so cheerful even in the prison. He was flowing in divine wisdom. They gave him an office in the prison. He was solving their problems. He became a celebrity in the land of captivity. It takes constant access to divine presence to maintain the flow of supernatural wisdom which remains open to every genuine thanksgiver, unconditional praiser, and celebrator of God. It remains open to you. From now the steps you’ll be taking will be exclamatory.

5.Tireless commitment to fellowship (Psalm 73:17) Zion or fellowship is the city of the Living God. It’s heavenly Jerusalem where you fellowship with heavenly wisdom. (Hebrews 12:22) You are seated and light is beaming on you on an issue. Anywhere Michael Faraday got to, the first thing he did was locate the church there. James Clerk Maxwell, one of the greatest physicists that ever lived, was a praise leader. He maintained such a fertile brain. You don’t know what depression causes you, that’s why you’re hanging around it. Depression is a robber of your colourful destiny. Don’t let it rob you. Rejoice always, not occasionally. (Philippians 4:4, 1Thessalonians 5:16).

It takes constant access to divine presence to maintain the flow of supernatural wisdom. -@DavidOyedepoMin Click To Tweet


Life takes on a whole new meaning when you become a member of God’s family through faith in Jesus Christ. If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, or if you want to rededicate your life to Him, please pray this prayer with the whole of your heart: “Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Saviour. I want to serve you always.”

PS: For further guidance on what it means to follow Christ, connect with us at Living Faith Church or join a community of Christ followers near you. You can also visit to get useful resources and connect with someone to guide you and pray with you.

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