How your vocabulary impacts your life

If we’re going to succeed and make significant progress in life, especially as leaders, we must learn to keep our fears to ourselves and share our inspiration with others. In other words, don’t infect others with your fear; inspire them with your faith. Everywhere you turn these days, you find people talking about how difficult things are – and that’s the hard-nosed fact. However, the truth is you don’t have to accept the “fact” or “prevailing circumstances” as your own reality. You can rise above them. And it begins with the way you speak.

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Words have incredible power, and that power is beyond their capacity to convey information. You can literally change the quality of your life by actively taking charge of your habitual vocabulary. One of the major differences between the rich and the poor is their vocabulary. You can frame your world with your words. This is one powerful truth that I have consciously and conscientiously implemented in my life with practical results. And recently, I heard it amplified by Pastor Sam Adeyemi – and it was as fresh as though I was learning it for the first time even though I had written a treatise on it!

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Drawing illustrations from the Bible and his own life, Pastor Sam pointed out that we shouldn’t use our mouth to describe the circumstances. Rather, we should use our mouth to prophesy. These truths are so simple that many of us miss them; some of us consider them as mere rhetorics while only a few of us practise them consistently. And it’s in practising them that we experience transformation!

Like God did at Creation, our role is not to describe the problem but to create the solution. If you are ever going to fulfil your God-given destiny, you must stop accepting your circumstances as your reality. No matter how bad it seems, your situation is not beyond redemption. There is always something you can do to turn things around. And your mouth is the starting point. I like the way Ibukun Onitiju puts it – he says your destiny is a function of how well you can use your mind and your mouth.

You can change the quality of your life by actively taking charge of your habitual vocabulary. Click To Tweet

You can use your words to create your desired reality by aligning your everyday vocabulary with your thoughts and the picture you have conceived in your mind. This is especially effective when those thoughts and mental pictures are born from meditation on God’s Word. You cannot be thinking of possessing the Promised Land while talking like a grasshopper. If you talk like a champion, you will live like a champion. And if you talk like a grasshopper, you will live like a grasshopper. Even God cannot help you beyond the quality of your words.

Make a decision today that your habitual vocabulary will set you up for success and not for failure. Decide to take charge of your life regardless of what is going on around you. If you’re wondering where to start or how to go about it, click here to get a free guide.

Question: What are the disciplines that have helped you or the challenges that have limited you from harnessing the power of your words? Share with us in the comments.

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