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I believe that a key component of my life assignment is a mandate to reach every family on earth with words of exhortation, edification and comfort every day. I help people access comfort, direction and encouragement from God’s word.

Digital Publishing

I assist speakers and writers in the process of self-publishing their books. I provide guidance and support from manuscript preparation to printing and online distribution.

Website Development

Do you need a crisp and classy website? You could opt for a free WordPress or Blogspot site, but those often look cluttered and unprofessional, and they give you limited control. I can set you up with a clean, new site with no ads, easily. Geographical location is not a barrier. Send me a mail via philip @ philipamiola.me to receive more information and get started.


I provide personalised training services for individuals and groups on blogging, website development, book publishing and social media engagement. I also teach people how to use their computers, tablets, mobile phones and similar devices to enhance their walk with God and propagate the gospel of Christ Send me an email to get started.

Speaking Arrangements

Ranging from internet evangelism and online missions to textual communications I can facilitate trainings at your organisation or ministry to help equip your staff and empower your members. If you are interested or have questions about how I can serve your organisation or ministry in this area please contact me via email.


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Maximise your life
Learn how to master your art and profit from purpose

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and young professionals take charge of their lives by mastering their art and profiting from purpose so that they can find fulfilment, margin and financial freedom. Does any of that sound like something you desire? Enter your first name and email below and let's grow together.