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How to consume 1000 books this year

Let’s face it – life can get so busy that we skimp on the important things. For instance, how many books did you read last week and which ones are you reading this week? We live in a fast paced world where we are expected to work like machines. In fact, catching up on the latest trends alone is enough to keep one’s mind running all day. Yet, two of the seven habits of highly effective people as espoused by Stephen Covey are that they put first things first and they understand the importance of sharpening the saw.

Why you should read more books

The point I’m making here is that no matter how busy we get, we must make time for the important things. We must deliberately pursue continuous growth and improvement. And one of the most fundamental ways to do this is by reading. I’ve been a voracious reader for so many years that it has become an ingrained habit. And it has empowered me to grow into the leader that I am.

Like I mentioned in an earlier article, reading puts you in a better position to make informed decisions and offer advice to other people. Among other things, reading makes us better thinkers, improves our people skills and helps us communicate better. It even has health benefits like lowering stress and decreasing depression. If reading is this important, then we all should read more. But unfortunately, we don’t.

The primary reason for this is that we are too busy and distracted. Of course, there are people who don’t have the least bit of interest in reading. But you’re not one of such people; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. So, would you read more if you had a solution that helps you cut to the chase? That’s exactly what I want to show you in this article – it’s an app called Blinkist. Blinkist helps you to read more in less time by distilling great non-fiction books into powerful 2-minute-reads built around memorable key messages. These units are called blinks.

How Blinkist will help you to read more books

This amazing solution drills down the most important information in each book to an overview and a final summary with seven or eight blinks in between thus enabling you to grasp the main concepts of an entire book in 15 minutes. You can sign up for free after which you download the app from either the iTunes store or the Google Play store. You may also choose to access it on the web.

It’s a subscription based service that gives you free access for one month after which you can choose to upgrade to one of two paid plans – Blinkist Plus and Blinkist Premium. Blinkist Premium allows you to listen to book summaries, sync highlights with Evernote and send your next reads to your Kindle. If these features are not important to you, go with Blinkist Plus. Both plans give you access to the entire library of over 1000 books with 40 new titles added each month. You may also choose to stay with the free plan and have access to only one book per day.

If you’re serious about personal growth and development, Blinkist shouldn’t be the main source of your reading but it can certainly help to improve your reading habit by giving you a “maintenance dose” every day, making it possible to glean key insights from a wide variety of books and helping you to recall important points from books that you’ve read before Blinkist or any such app was ever created. Whichever way, you should try out this service and see how it works for you.

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