Are you ready to get serious about publishing your book?

Many people have at various points of their lives expressed the desire to publish a book, but most of them never do. While some don’t get started at all, others start and get stuck somewhere along the line. Many potential authors have thus aborted their dreams of getting published thereby denying the world of the insights, possibilities and perspectives that their books could have contributed.


Publishing a book is one of the most profitable steps you can take in your personal and professional evolution. Apart from the fact that you learn new things and become a better person, being a published author earns you credibility and positions you as an expert in your field.

Writing a book gives people the impression that you know something about the subject matter; and that’s right. In the course of writing your book, you must have invested hours of research and personal reflection, which would have refined your understanding and afforded you an informed perspective.

Being clear on your reason(s) for writing a book is one of the strongest motivations that will fuel you through the publishing journey. Some of these reasons may include:

  1. Fame
  2. Fortune
  3. To tell your story
  4. To advance a cause
  5. To raise your game
  6. To help others with your knowledge and experience
  7. To fulfil a personal mission

Whatever your reasons are, get to work and get that book out. Don’t be intimidated by the number of books already out there, you have your own unique voice and unique audience. No two people can express the same idea in exactly the same way.

One person that has always encouraged me in this regard is the Bible character known as Luke the physician. In spite of the fact that firsthand witnesses like Matthew and John had written about the life of Jesus Christ, Luke went ahead to document his own perspectives too, which we have come to recognise as The Gospel according to Luke.

So, regardless of how saturated the book world may appear, it is not too saturated to accommodate your book. And guess what? The entire process is far far easier than it used to be. In the past, publishing a book is often a daunting process that could take several years from the manuscript preparation stage to getting an agent, getting a publisher and finally getting your book into the hands of your target audience.

Even then, having a good manuscript is no guarantee that your book will get published. Now, with the new publishing model, you have total control over the publishing process from the manuscript preparation stage to the publishing stage. You don’t have to wait to be picked by a publisher; rather you go ahead and pick yourself. Simply put, you are in charge.

To make the entire process even easier, I have developed a digital publishing manual to give you the inspiration and practical instruction that you need. It is a step-by-step guide where I take you by the hand and lead you through the labyrinth of publishing right from the manuscript preparation stage through the publishing stage and then to the distribution stage where you have the joy and satisfaction of getting your book(s) into the hands of readers all over the world.

Being a very busy person myself, I have written the book with busy people in mind. I know how easy it is to accumulate so much knowledge that you end up with information overload instead of actually doing what you set out to do. I don’t want that to happen. So I have kept the book short and provided lots of screenshots showing the exact process that I use to publish my print books on Amazon.

It’s an action guide that you can read in less than 30 minutes and implement immediately even if you have no prior knowledge of digital publishing. It’s available on Gumroad for 17 dollars. However, one of the decisions I made when I started writing and blogging is to never let money matters stand in the way of transmitting my wealth of knowledge to the people who need it. So if you really need this guide but you can’t afford 17 dollars, shoot me an email or use the contact form and let me know. The important thing is to act now and stop putting your dreams on hold. And if I can help you achieve that, why not?

Question: Where are you in your publishing journey and how can I help to accelerate your dreams? Share with me in the comments or on Twitter.

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