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Advanced Twitter Marketing


This video course will show you how to to harness opportunities on Twitter and connect with people that matter. My goal is to give you a firm grasp of this powerful social media tool and show you how to harness it for your business and professional success.


This is an expanded and comprehensive version of our Twitter mastery course. The advanced training goes into greater detail on topics like:

  • Building your Twitter audience on autopilot even if you’re very busy
  • Smart hacks for increasing your ROI with cross-platform promotion and influencer outreach
  • How to build an army of brand advocates on Twitter
  • Growing your business with social listening
  • Curating content and organising your account with Twitter lists
  • Simple strategies for converting social capital to business dollars
  • 3 ways Twitter can help you build a profitable email list and fill your sales funnel

This course includes access to a one-on-one consulting session to help you fine-tune specific strategies for your business and personal brand. Just tweet your expectations and mention @PhilipAmiola as soon as you have purchased the course.