Quick Response Websites


Get your business online and start monetising your personal brand with a ready-made website. Check out our demo sites to see website samples and choose your preferred design. Then make your order and we’ll customise it for you in 48 hours. Please note that the e-commerce version attracts extra customisation charges depending on the volume of products you intend to load on it.


If you’re looking to make significant impact, achieve recognition as a thought leader or attain global relevance in your field, you need to create a strong personal brand and at the centre of that is a personal website that demonstrates your expertise and communicates the value that you have to offer. Our Quick Response websites will get you started in 48 hours.

Here’s what you get

  • A professional website to help you monetise your personal brand
  • Your personal domain name with business class email.
  • Free brand monetisation training and professional support for three months. (Available only for the first twelve completed requests).

Perhaps the most exciting feature about this offer is the fact that you don’t have to pay annual web hosting fees. You get FREE high quality hosting on Google servers. You also have no worries about hacking and other security issues. Google takes care of that for you.

After the initial payment, your only obligation is annual renewal of domain name and business class email which is only 6,200 naira per year (less than 17 naira per day) which should not be an issue for any serious professional.

Ready to get started? Make your order now.