Overcoming Bad Habits and Creating Good Ones

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This is a guest post by Pastor Ademola Awoyele of Destiny Impact Church, Akure, Nigeria. Pastor Demola’s core area of ministry is equipping people to become what God has ordained them to be. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

Many times we cover our habits, hurts and challenges with good suits, ties and make-ups. We need to be real! Almost everyone has a habit that is retarding his progress in life. Many have made resolutions and decisions to overcome bad habits but still find themselves in the same cycle. Everybody has got something they struggle with which some may not necessarily be sinful. They are in degrees in different lives. Some habits may not take you to hell but will limit your progress and reduce your speed in life.

3 categories of bad habits

1. Limiting Habits

2. Negative Habits

3. Sinful Habits

Habits are those practices you have done or that you are used to doing almost without thinking. You do them unconsciously, whether you like/want it or not. Something you now do, as it were, by default. No matter how spiritual you are, bad habits will limit your destiny. We form habits then habits form us. These popular lines attributed to Frank Outlaw express it well:

Watch your THOUGHTS, they become WORDS

Watch your WORDS, they become ACTIONS

Watch your ACTIONS, they become HABITS

Watch your HABITS, they become CHARACTER

Watch your CHARACTER, it becomes your DESTINY

Habits are the vehicles that convey you to your destiny. Don’t worry over what your destiny becomes; just watch your habits.
There’s no accidental future, it is what you do now that culminates into that future. So watch what you’re doing now. Your habits soon become your habitat. There’s no habitat without a habit. Fishes are found in their habitat (water) because they have the habit of swimming.

Limiting habits
Examples of limiting habits include procrastination, untidiness, disorganisation, lateness (lack of regard for time) and many others. Nothing makes a man’s life complicated and complex like procrastination and if you’re not organised, you will agonise. A man that has a clear mind will have a clear environment. Laziness is another habit that you must watch out against (See Proverbs 13:23, 22:29).

Spending too much time on social media is a limiting habit. Never go online unless you have something to do, and log out once you’re done. You can’t be spending too much time on social media or TV and expect to succeed. People that spend too much time on television have no Vision. If you spend time on your vision, people will gather to watch you. Limiting Habits have a way of waiting for you at the critical junctures in your life.

Negative habits
Moodiness (Mood swing) is one of the most prevalent negative habits. People sometimes take pride in moodiness to attract attention or in in order to throw a pity party. Talkativeness is another negative habit. You don’t need to have something to say all the time.

Sinful Habits
Lust, Lies, pornography, drunkenness and the likes are examples of sinful habits. Sinful habits will take you to hell. Don’t explain your habits away, don’t justify them. Your life cannot be bigger than your habits. Bad habits are easy to form but difficult to break; good habits are difficult to form but easy to break.

How do you overcome bad habits?

1. Recognise and realise that you have them

2. Be aware of their consequences

3. Be dissatisfied and angry at them (Genesis 27:40)

4. Break them through discipline (Job 31:1, 1 Cor. 9:27)

5. You need a trusted friend or accountability partner. (James 5:16)

6. Get born again if you’re not. There’s no freedom from bad habits if you’re not saved. Salvation releases grace to you through Jesus Christ. (John 8:32, 14:6)

7. Tap into divine grace, wisdom, and power of God via prayer. Hebrews 4:15-16, 2 Corinthians 12:8-9.
8. Leverage on the anointing upon God’s servants (James 5:14)

9. Create good ones: You cannot successfully overcome bad habits unless you replace them with good ones; life forbids vacuum.

10. Stay ALIVE and ALERT ALWAYS! (Galatians 5:16-25)

Prayer: Father! I receive freedom from every limiting, negative and sinful habit in Jesus’ name.

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