Get more clients! 6 strategies that really work

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As a coach, consultant or business owner you understand the need to not only hold the attention of your prospective customers but to actually drive them to take action, not just once but continuously. You can only remain in business for as long as people continue to pay for your products and services. Consequently, you need to consistently turn prospects into paying clients.

6 ways to get more paying clients

So how do you achieve that?

1. Determine your ideal customer profile.

Who exactly do you want to do business with? Your products and services are not meant for everybody. Describe the kind of person you’re seeking to work with. Spell out their psychographic and demographic information. Where do they live? Are they male or female? What is their average household income? What are their pain points?

This exercise of defining the parameters or qualifications of your target market will help to direct your prospecting and marketing efforts to focus on your ideal customer instead of spreading yourself too thin. If you’re wondering how to go about this, check out this beginner’s guide on Hubspot.

2. Create a slogan or tagline that appeals to your ideal customer

Words are powerful. That’s why big brands don’t joke with their taglines. Look at all the major brands from Coca-Cola to Indomie and you will see them using this strategy to their advantage. You should do the same. With a great slogan, you can easily grab the attention of your target market.

A simple Google search will reveal many online tools that can give you a brand slogan in seconds. You may use such tools to get your creative juices flowing but don’t make them your final resort – that would be sheer mental laziness. If you want to create a slogan that will get your prospects’ attention, make them remember your brand and increase your chances of closing the sale, you must invest your mind into it.  Review these tips from the VerticalResponse blog to further understand what I’m talking about.

Don’t joke with your tagline. A great slogan can help grab the attention of your target market. Click To Tweet

3. Connect with your ideal customers on the platforms where they are already hanging out

It is easier for your target market to discover you when you take your products and services to the places where they hang out. If you sell educational games for instance, you want to position yourself in such a way that teachers and parents can discover you. If you sell beauty products, you want to join Facebook groups for trendy and stylish women. You get the idea? Twitter is another great platform for finding paying clients. Whichever platform you choose, make it easy for people to connect with you and know what you have to offer. Your profile information should clearly communicate who you are, what you do and why your prospective customers should connect with you.

4. Create value for your prospects

Provide your prospects with valuable free offers, actionable tips and useful information. Share your wealth of knowledge with them and show them how they can apply that knowledge to turn their lives (or their businesses and careers) around. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something massive but it has to be useful and valuable enough to make meaningful contribution and measurable impact. One great way to do this is by setting up a personal blog.

5. Network with influencers in your field

Find out the people that are already successful in your area of business. Create a win-win arrangement that will benefit their business and their audience. For instance, if you organise trainings you can create a discounted offer for their audience. You can also share a portion of your profits. Then get them to recommend you to their audience. That will give you a share of the influence, trust and social capital that they have built over time.

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6. Create a LinkedIn/Facebook/WhatsApp group

A close-knit group gives you the opportunity to regularly engage with your target market and bond with them. The result of this is that they get to know you, like you and trust you. And as you know, people only do business (at least over the long term) with people they know, like and trust.

The platform you choose depends on where your ideal customers are. Facebook is a good option because practically everyone is on Facebook. LinkedIn gives you the professional advantage and with WhatsApp you have ease of access.

Running a business successfully and profitably requires hard work, smart work and high-value network. If you do the aforementioned, you will be starting out in the right direction.

Question: Are you using any of these strategies already? How is it working for you? Share with us in the comments.

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