Saving lives on notorious seacoast –Chuck Swindoll

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On a dangerous seacoast notorious for shipwrecks, there was a crude little life-saving station. Many lives were saved by this brave band of men who faithfully worked as a team in and out of the life-saving station. Over time, the station that was once obscure and crude and virtually insignificant began to grow and its objectives began to shift. It transformed into a sort of a clubhouse, an attractive building for public gatherings. Saving lives, feeding the hungry, strengthening the fearful, and calming the disturbed rarely occurred anymore.

Whatever the project is, start today -Jim Rohn

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Take a step today. Whatever the project is, start today. Start clearing out a drawer of your desk… today. Start setting your first goal… today. Start listening to something motivational… today. Start putting money in your new “investment for fortune” account…today. Write a long-overdue letter… today. Anyone can! Even an uninspired person can start reading inspiring books. Get some momentum going on your new commitment for the good life. Go all out! Break away from the downward pull of gravity.

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