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Why I switched from Bluehost to Webhosting Ninja

As a content manager, I manage many platforms both for my organisation and for my clients apart from my personal websites. Some of these platforms include major news websites and online magazines.

On the recommendations of Michael Hyatt and Syed Balkhi of WP Beginner – two people I respect a lot – I convinced my team members to host our websites with Bluehost. All of a sudden, Bluehost took the sites offline without warning. When we contacted them, they blamed the action on resource usage. We offered to rectify whatever was wrong but they would not even let us effect the changes neither would they do it for us. Imagine having a daily news website offline for seven days!

After chatting, exchanging emails, phone calls, tweets and DMs for a whole week, we decided to leave Bluehost for good even though we still had one year subscription. Earlier, we had experienced serious downtime issues. Our sites would be down for over twenty-minutes, and in some cases, several hours. They promised to ensure that we would never experience that again and even gave us some months of free hosting as compensation. However, rather than having their service improve, it got worse. The whole thing reached a climax when they suspended our account without prior notice and without demonstrating willingness to help. In fairness to them, one of their customer service operatives was really very helpful but he could not get the support staff to rectify the issue.

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So I advised my team to switch to Siteground on the recommendation of Jon Morrow. Before purchasing the new hosting account, Siteground promised to move our Bluehost account with all the websites on it but after payment, they baulked upon realising that they could not do automatic cpanel to cpanel transfer because the cpanel of Bluehost had been forked, making website transfer difficult – so difficult that it was practically impossible to even download a full backup of our website – except through FTP or similar solutions.

Webhosting Ninja listened in on my Twitter conversation with Bluehost and offered to move my sites. At first, they got stuck just like Siteground but they did not baulk. They went ahead to move five of my sites manually without complaining one bit! Siteground had said they could only move one; I would have to pay 30 dollars each for the other websites. But Webhosting Ninja moved everything for free. And ever since, they have been very responsive, even following up to make sure that everything works fine.

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If you want to host your website with peace of mind, superb customer service and the assurance of prompt, high quality technical support, Webhosting Ninja is the clear choice. I host some of my other websites with other web hosts but none of them comes close to Webhosting Ninja in terms of the personalised attention that the Ninjas give each of their customers. I told the owner that I would continue to recommend and massively promote their service as long as they continue to deliver massive value.

And the moment I notice a drop in their commitment to their customers, I would issue a disclaimer, with the same vigour with which I’d been promoting their services. I thought he would even want to negotiate that to some extent, but guess what? He said it was a good deal! That goes to tell you how committed they are to ensuring that every customer experiences first class service. Need I say more? Go over to Webhosting Ninja now and start setting up your website! If you need help, just shoot me an email via philip[at] This is not for new websites alone. You can also let them move your website – just like they did for me – especially if your current host is not serving you right.


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